Week 2 Classroom Consistency


Upholding my expectations of the students is key. No leeway! No exceptions!

Defn: Tracking – Paying attention to someone who is talking.

  1. Are they expectations clear to the students?
  2. Are you aware when the expectations aren’t being met?
  3. Is your response consistent when students don’t meet the expectations?

Any expectations should be around a “service to learning” and not simply be about power games.

Difficulties in Enforcing Expectations

  1. It’s hard to notice everything (PEBO)
  2. Avoiding confrontation
  3. Maybe I didn’t explain them well enough
  4. I don’t want to interrupt the great energy we have now

What Can You Do to be a Consistent Teacher?

  1. Have a clear vision of how you want your class to look
  2. Explicitly state your expectations that align with the vision and be able to justify them to the students
  3. Proactively remind students of the expectations
  4. Automatically respond to students that aren’t meeting the expectations

Becoming Consistent (assignment)

  1. Identify a classroom routine that needs improving e.g. independent practice
  2. Have a vision for what the best scenario of this looks like
  3. Explicitly communicate the expectations – this can be an education for them too – teach them how to learn
  4. Proactively remind the expectation – “narrate” positive behaviour – see here – and have consequences for poor behaviour 
  5. Practice delivering consequences – practice with flash-cards works well here: side 1 problem action/side 2 your action

What *are* the consequences???




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